Dear Laurent,

interesting indeed, I will read it. 

In addition to what you suggest, recent mappings between the two standards would be interesting too, also in the context of specific projects.

Kind regards,


Am 19.03.2018 um 15:57 schrieb Laurent Romary <[log in to unmask]>:

Dear Øyvind,
We have recently issued a paper which has been accepted for Archival Science:
where we describe how we use ODD for EAD customization. I don’t know it is what you had in mind.

An interesting topic where I would like to hear more feedback is bootstrapping TEI content my means of EAD input…


Le 19 mars 2018 à 15:49, Øyvind Eide <[log in to unmask]> a écrit :

Dear all,

Does anybody know about recent work into integrating/interconnecting TEI with EAD? I know of the stuff more than ten years ago but TEI has evolved (and I would assume EAD is not exactly the same either) so: anything more recent?

Kind regards,


Laurent Romary
Inria, team ALMAnaCH