I kept seriously thinking, "It's going to wind up that the aliens are trying to communicate with the canary." Like Star Trek IV with the whales. Now, those were some smart aliens! (During long scenes with Adams and Renner it would get like "Surely the Russians/Sudanese/Chinese/Japanese are having better luck. Surely.")

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LOL There was a thread right about the time of the release. It seems like
Alex, or maybe Sai, was involved, or maybe even started it. I don't
remember much about the content, and may have been putting of reading the
thread until I saw the movie, which I did after it came out on video. I
felt much like you. I wanted to strangle SOMEbody. Not another Sapir-Whorf
rehash. It's been done. It's not fresh. It's not cutting edge. It isn't
even valid.


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> Hello all,
> Has there been any discussion of the 2016 film "The Arrival," starring Amy
> Adams and Jeremy Renner, on this list--on a thread I might have missed?
> Watched it and wanted to strangle someone, but have not yet decided whom.
> 😉 Would be very interested in others' opinions, especially of the
> linguistic aspects. ("You translated Farsi videos in, like, ten minutes.
> Whaddya mean you can't *translate* this unknown alien language?!?")
> Krista C.