not sure whether there already is a thread for this or not - what case
systems do your languages use?

the one for T'elχ isn't complete yet, but i decided that the meanings of
the cases should resemble a combination of the chukchi and itelmen case
systems because i am partial to both (for some reason).

orientative-dative [to, for]: used for physical movement toward an object
or in a particular direction, or to mark the recipient or beneficiary of an
determinative [by; at, near, around]: used for the physical location or
direction of movement (with an object serving as a landmark), or for an
entity or object that serves as an example, model or framework for another
causal/narrative [because of, for the purpose of, for the reason that; of,
about, regarding]: used to mark the cause or goal of an action or the
subject of a story (narrative)
designative [as, for, instead of; as, like, similar to; for, in order to]:
used to state a role or purpose or to express the resemblance between one
entity or object and another
translative [into]: used for an entity or object that is transformed or
turned into a different entity/object (as in "the human being was made
abessive/privative/caritive [without]: used to state the absence or lack of
an entity or object
ablative [away from]: used for physical movement away from an object or in
the opposite direction, or for an entity or object that loses or is
deprived of something
instrumental [using, by means of, with]: used for an instrument or means
whereby an action is performed, may mark the agent or the patient (or both
comitative I [with, together with, along with]: used for joint actions;
connotes inseparability, used for inalienable parts of a whole, or persons)
comitative II [with, together with, along with]: used for joint actions or
actions that require the presence of a specific object; connotes
separability, used for objects and entities not considered "persons")
locative [in, within, inside]: used for physical location in the most
general sense, has a variety of figurative meanings
vocative: used to address a sapient entity directly