Thank you for the affirmation. I didn't think that I was looking for an authority. It's just that I had not come across an abbreviation before and wondered what others might suggest. I was in the midst of writing the below when I went to the Leipzig list. There I discovered NMLZ and decided to add VBLZ as an afterthought.

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Charlie, I can't see why you feel that you need an authority for this.
Scholars and scientists invent terms and abbreviations all the time, and
VBLZ(R) is the obvious abbreviation for "verbalizer".


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> Thanks, Raymond!
> Charlie
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> On 25/04/2018 14:23, C. Brickner wrote:
> > Senjecas has a suffix for nouns and adjectives that makes them verbs,
> > rather like "-ize". I don't know how to gloss it. Suggestions? The
> > Leipzig glossing list has an abbreviation for nominalizer (NMLZ).
> > Perhaps I could call it a verbalizer (VBLZ).
> Yes.
> See, e.g.
> Ray