English actually also lets you separate these out, though it’s less natural: I sent Jim the ball by kicking it.

It struck me that the more obvious rewrite simply adds the dropped preposition: I kicked the ball to Jim. 

In English, when  you drop a preposition, a lot of time it repositions the natural location of the object.

    On Thursday, April 26, 2018, 3:12:07 PM MDT, Aidan Aannestad <[log in to unmask]> wrote:  
 I've written a rather long thing (fifteen full pages in Google Docs) 
about lexical typology - 
It's not fully complete (there's two sections left to write, and I'd 
like to polish and reformat it in LaTeX eventually), but I'd love some 
comments on it now anyway. (The document is set up to allow anyone to 
comment right on it, if you want to.)

The introduction explains it better than I can in any other way -

"This article is largely an attempt to break down, process and 
regurgitate the contents of Leonard Talmy’s article ‘Lexical Typologies’ 
in /Language Typology and Syntactic Description, volume 3//./ I bought 
this book on recommendation from the Conlanger’s Library for totally 
different reasons, and this particular article has blown my mind so wide 
open that I had to sit down and rewrite its contents for myself to even 
begin to wrap my head around the whole new world it’s presented to me. 
I’ve largely kept to the structure of his article, but I’ve inserted 
comments relevant to conlanging here and there, and added some natlang 
examples from my own experience and reading. Hopefully this rewriting 
proves as helpful to others to read as it is to me to write - and 
certainly, the information here is revolutionising my conlanging. There 
are huge opportunities here for extremely inventive and deeply 
flavourful conlanging, in ways that have to the best of my knowledge 
have remained mostly unexplored so far. "

I'm not quite sure what to do with this article, honestly. I don't have 
a personal website to upload it to, and I've submitted to Fiat Lingua so 
recently that my article is still the current issue (plus, this one is a 
reprocessing of someone else's article and not by any means an original 
creation). I probably ought to get a personal website at some point, if 
I keep doing these things, though! If I don't, though, I'm not sure 
where to put it - I'd welcome suggestions!