Hi Dovile,

in general, there are more than one answer to your question:

- If you are talking about transcribing the text(s), it would be data
and thus <text>, <div> etc were to be used. If you are talking about
describing the text(s) you are in the metadata section, in the teiHeader
with a msDesc somewhere. Even in the latter case, neither <msPart> nor
<msFrag> would be appropriate because <msPart> addresses the
construction of the manuscript as physical object and <msFrag> should be
used only for descriptions of virtual ("reconstructed") manuscripts.

- What is the focus of your TEI file? Is it the transcription of a
manuscript then you would just transcribe the whole thing without
possibility to emphasise one of the parts of the text; or is it the poem
which then could be transcribed (and described) alone without the drama
around it.

So, some more information would be needed to answer your question
properly if my 2cents don't help so far.

Best, Torsten

Am 09.05.2018 um 08:27 schrieb Dovil ė Gervytė:
> Hi,
> As I'm new to TEI, I have a problem with finding how to code one case.
> The manuscript of a drama starts with a poem, which I'm coding. So, how
> can I indicate that drama consists of that poem, but it is the latter
> which is the matter of coding? As I understand, <msPart> and <msFrag>
> are not appropriate in this case.
> Thanks for replying.
> Dovile

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