Dear TEI list,

may I ask for your opinion on a small matter:

We are transcribing typescripts that have been edited by hand. Our TEI 
documents are transformed to provide output for diplomatic 
representations of the source texts.

The question I have is about headings in <head> and page numbers. Right 
now our TEI looks like this:

<div type="preface">
   <pb xml:id="KMG2Pref1" n="01"/>
   <ab type="pagenumber"><space dim="horizontal" extent="62" unit="chars"/>- <anchor type="pagenumber" corresp="KMG2Pref1"/>-</ab>
   <lb /><ab type="mainHeading">PREFACE</ab>

As you can see, in addition to <pb/> page numbers are also encoded in 
<ab>. The reason is that sometimes we encounter page numbers that have 
been edited by the author. Sometimes up to four times. This we want to 
record, and it does not seem possible to do this solely in the 
attributes of <pb/>. Headings right now are therefore also encoded with 

I would like to put headings in proper <head> elements. However <head> 
cannot stand behind <ab>. At the moment I only see two solutions:

1) Can I put the information for page numbers into a <head> element, 
too? In that case I would treat <head> more generally as an element for 
some text at the top of a <div> and outside of the main body of text. 
Then I would be able to add headings in additional <head> elements.

2) I stick to my solution with <ab> elements and don't use <head>.

Thanks in advance for your opinions on this: that would really help me 
in deciding on how to proceed.

All the best,

Ingo Kieslich.