Am 29.05.2018 um 11:45 schrieb Imsieke, Gerrit, le-tex:
> However, there are people (like us, many of our customers, or DFG [1]) 
> who want to have some baseline compliance with a widespread TEI 
> customization and then add their constraints. These people sometimes 
> don’t deal with ODD at all, and I think it isn’t yet illegal to do so.

To add to this point, i really would like to express my desire for a 
reduced ODDv2 that focuses on:

1. Select a subset of TEI elements and document it with project-specific 

2. Add additional constraints (be them "can appear only in" or "this is 
list of accepted values")

3. Select which existing constraints should be enforced (I'm a sinner)

5. Allows other (sub)projects to restart from point 1 using this newly 
created subschema as the base schema.

This ODDv2 would pragmatically limit itself to Relax NG+Schematron+NVDL 
and produce a set of epischemas (or something equivalent) and the 
documentation of the schema at the same time.

Currently ODD does not "does it all" for us. Creating the documentation 
is possible, but making it actually usable and readable (see [1]) 
requires a lot of pruning, hacks and "going against the grain". At the 
same time ODD is not able to express the co-constraints that are being 
discussed in this thread and that are really useful when it comes to 
helping the editors with features like autocompletion.

We use ODD because this is the tool of the trade in this moment, but it 
looks like many are starting to ask for a better tool.



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