My gateway to ODDs here in North America was, like so many other TEI things here, via Syd and his wonderful bank of WWP slides, but I’m hoping we’re expanding with more opportunities and more instructors lately. My undergrad students and I work on ODDs as soon as they decide their XML project should be done in TEI (a call I let them make, after explaining something of why the TEI might matter for them). Since my course teaching is primarily about building and processing XML, and I want to spend a lot of time on the whole “XML family of languages” so they know how to process it, I have trouble finding time to do a generalized ODD module. HOWEVER(!) I also think one *really* learns to write ODD on a project-by-project basis, and my students become eager to learn it in the context of having to formalize their decisions on elements and attributes, whether and how these need to be customized for their purposes. The thinking process is what I value here because it forces us to be deliberate in our decision making—and helps us to recognize brittle ad-hoc solutions if it’s a matter of review and thoughtful discussion. 

I’ve been compiling ODD training resources (with lots of Syd’s stuff—thanks, Syd!) and samples here on my teaching GitHub repo wiki: 

 Because these are designed for 15-week undergrad semester course projects, the samples here aren’t terribly involved, which also makes them easy to pull out as models of something or other, like when you might want to try a Schematron rule, etc. I hope the little collection of resources here may be of use to others! 



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Emmanuel Chateau and I prepared and gave exactly such a course for the Ecole des Chartes twice in the last few years, but take up was a bit disappointing this year and I don't know if we will be asked to do it again. The teaching materials are all online though (See for example) , so I'm happy to respond to anyone else interested!

On 05/05/18 12:01, Vanessa Bigot Juloux wrote:
Of course Lou. But I was talking about a ‘comprehensive’ course, not a session, with a customized ODD developed by each participant in order to work on a TEI project.
I followed intensive TEI training; although we had a session on ODD, it was an overview, thus not exhaustive. In my opinion, a comprehensive course allows showing the relevance of a customized ODD for each project.

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On 05/05/18 11:23, Vanessa Bigot Juloux wrote:
e decided to add my customized ODD, not only for the custom @attribute. Thank you Elisa for having convinced me. It makes me realized that a customized ODD is very useful (and interesting too).
Just wondering why a a comprehensive ODD course is not always given before TEI encod
<cough/> I *always* include a session on ODD in every TEI training event  I do!

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