Dear Piotr,

Thank you very much for your useful answer. I’m currently looking to ODD based on your suggestion and with the kind help of Elisa.

As for @type vs @pos, I’m a little worried since I just wrote a chapter in a forthcoming volume (Brill) that I’m co-editing ( I have used @type following the example on the TEI guidelines:

Regarding @ana, it’s not for grammatical features, but to set up a hermeneutics of action based on taxonomies, see my guidelines: 
- taxonomies: 
- transliteration:
In fact, this is the main topic of my chapter.

Of course, your comments/remarks are most welcome.

One again, thank you.

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Dear Vanessa,

> Later today, I should be able to send my argumentation about adding a new attribute needed for cuneiform script.

Thanks, but -- do take your time. You can just add that attribute to your ODD and work with it right away, there is no special approval process necessary for you to be able to customize your own TEI schema. (On the other hand, we would love to learn about the results, when it's convenient to you.)

A piece of relevant documentation is located here:

What you want to see in your ODD looks a bit like the following:

<elementSpec ident="w" module="analysis" mode="change">
<attDef ident="myNewAttribute" mode="add">
<desc>This is a test attribute to hold a normalized value for my words.</desc>
  <dataRef key="teidata.text"/>

(No need to bother about the namespace, at this point -- you can play with that later. The datatype is also very permissive.)

The above would allow you to do:

<w pos="verb" myNewAttribute="your-text">etc.</w>

Please note the @pos (part-of-speech) attribute used instead of @type. I also don't know what you want to use the attribute @ana for -- if for further grammatical features, then there exists the @msd attribute ready and willing to do that job, see

If you need @ana for something else, then please bear in mind that its datatype is URI.



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Dear Radu,
Dear TEI List,

thank you for having transmitted my message to TEI listServ. I have just added a comment to my post on StackExchange:

I have looked at other element and attribute but they don't work. I am currently working on an argumentation to explain why they are not relevant to the cuneiform script, and why @correspUnicshould be preferred.

Later today, I should be able to send my argumentation about adding a new attribute needed for cuneiform script. 

All the best,

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I just spotted a question on StackExchange about adding a custom attribute to the TEI vocabulary:

I do not know how to do that but if any of you knows maybe they can answer there.


Radu Coravu
<oXygen/> XML Editor