Depending on what you are using the listPerson for, if you have multiple TEI/XML files involving the same people (as is done in several corpora in TEITOK, starting with the Postscriptum corpus), it tends to be helpful to have the listPerson in an external file, to which you refer from each individual file - so you have a file listperson.xml with 

<person xml:id=“person_00001”>
<!— all the info for person 1 —>
<person xml:id=“ person_00002”>
<!— all the info for person 2 —>

And then within the teiHeader of each TEI/XML document (or elsewhere in the file) you refer to that external file:

<person ref=“listperson.xml#person_00001”/>

That way, you can keep extensive data about the person without having to copy it to each file, making it easier and more consistent to keep the peson data up-to-date, for instance if the <idno/> changes, you would have to update it only once. The xml:id is indeed just the technical linking part, and for internal reference, you can give the <person/> field in the file itself an id, making for a shorter and/or more meaningful ID to refer to within the document itself, say in interviews always using id=“INT” for the interviewer, which then indirectly refers to an entry in the listperson.xml. 

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Hi Stefanie,

For the Basnage project, what I do is to use an ISNI number in <idno> but for internal reference I use a truncated ISNI as it is easier for encoders to have access to the abbreviations used in the texte,. I do this as xml:id won’t let me have the ‘:’ for the full ISNI number.

I use ISNI because the ISNI team is highly reactive in updating oddities when I find them and in this late 17th c dictionary, variant spellings abound.



<person xml:id="Aba_ISN0000000083391828">
                        <persName xml:base="">
                            <abbr>abbrévié comme ab ou abs</abbr></persName>
                        <birth when="1654">né 1654 à <placeName>Nay</placeName></birth>
                        <death when="1727-09-25"> mort le 25 septembre 1727 à <placeName>Marylebone
                        <nationality>français, </nationality>
                        <education>eduqué aux académies de Puylaurens, de Saumur et de Sedan, </education>
                        <occupation>pasteur, </occupation>
                        <note>théologien protestant français, </note>
                        <event when="1699">
                            <label>Dean of Killaloe and Clonfert</label>
                        <idno type="ISN">ISN:0000000083391828</idno>

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To be more precise: I want to indicate, for all persons in the Header’s list, both an xml:ID and VIAF-numbers (as an external reference).
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Betreff: listPerson: <person> - ref AND xml:ID ?!
Dear TEI-List,
I would be more than grateful if anyone could give me advice how to combine xml:IDs and ref in the listPerson of my TEI-Header.
I could not find any example of such possibility in the current version of the guidelines.
Many thanks in advance, 
Dr. Stefanie Ertz
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