I've created an xquery file (see below) which generates a teiCorpus document from a collection of TEI files. I've also created a TEI customization. Is there a way to have xquery or eXist insert an <?xml-model ?> statement at the head of the corpus document, with the URL pointing to my TEI customization RNG file? I've noticed that inside the corpus file, these xml-model statements appear before every TEI element.


Joe Easterly
Digital Humanities Librarian
University of Rochester River Campus Libraries

xquery version "3.0";
declare default element namespace "";
declare option exist:serialize "method=xml media-type=text/xml";
declare variable $collection := collection('/db/mcelroy/tei');

|TITLE Corpus Generator for Nellie McElroy Ledgers
|CREATOR Joe Easterly
|UPDATED 2018-05-30
|DESCRIPTION This script collects TEI files from the Nellie McElroy ledgers into a corpus file.
|LICENSE This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International
         License. To view a copy of this license, visit
<title>Nellie McElroy Ledger</title>
<p>Released by the University of Rochester River Campus Libraries</p>
<p>Nellie L McElroy Journal, 1913-1916. Manuscript Collection CY.21. Journal of work
                    as Rochester's first policewoman.
for $collItem in $collection
let $page := base-uri($collItem)