My romanization of Gravgaln is causing me sorting issues in my
FLEx-produced dictionary. I have a single word that starts with <thr>. This
is a problem because all of <t>, <th>, <hr> and <r> are valid letters. This
word is <t> <hr>...

If I spell the word <thr>, it collates inside the <Th> entry set.

If I spell the word <t-hr>, it creates a second letter <T> with this single
entry, and sorts it between <B> and the rest of <T>.

If I spell the "citation form" <thr>, but the "lexeme form" <t-hr>, then it
sorts into a second letter <Th> after the rest of the letter <Th>.

If I spell the word <thr>, then it collates within <Th>.

Nothing I have tried gets this word to sort within <T>, which is where it
belongs. At this point, it's just one word, but as the lexicon grows, this
problem is likely to reoccur. Any suggestions??


*A. Walker Scott, Author of No Road Among the Stars*
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