Dear all,

the Guidelines seem to allow both <p> and <ab> in elements of the 
teiHeader such as <editorialDecl>, <quotation> etc.

In a couple of gitHub issues [1] [2] there seems to be a preference for 
<p>. Those issues mention that in the future only <p> many be allowed in 
this context, although in [2] (find "lb42 commented on 11 Sep 2017") Lou 
Burnard disagreed on this. In any case, for the state being, both <p> 
and <ab> stay legal.

Within he ALIM project [3] we are discussing the option of recommending 
our collaborators to only use <ab> because (I quote from Lou's comment 
in [2]): "It has always seemed to me that blocks of text in the header 
are not really paragraphs in the same way as paragraphs in the body of a 
text are" and to facilitate software creation.

What do you think?