Hi Syd,

In case it is useful, about 8 years ago I did some conversions for someone of omnipage OCR XML output to TEI. See zip file at http://james.blushingbunny.net/omnipage2TEI/ I probably wouldn't write it in the same way nowadays (both the xslt and the form of TEI output). Don't know if anyone is using that format any more or not.

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Dr James Cummings, [log in to unmask]

School of English Literature, Language, and Linguistics, Newcastle University

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Sent: 17 August 2018 14:23:32
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Subject: OCRed XML samples
Hey, all. I'm looking to get my hands on sample XML output of a few
OCRed pages in various formats. The formats I know of are:
 * ALTO [1]
 * ABBYY Fine Reader [2]
 * PAGE [3]
 * hOCR [4]
but since I never do any significant OCR myself, I don't know which
ones are good vs bad or common vs rare, and thus if these are even
the ones I should be asking for.

SO, if you have relatively easy access to OCR software that produces
XML output, and would not mind sending me a sample, please get in
touch off list. Thank you!

P.S. Why? To work on providing crosswalks from the OCR XML formats
     to the TEI in Libraries version 4.0 level 1 encoding. Thanks

 [1] https://www.loc.gov/standards/alto/
 [2] https://abbyy.technology/en:features:ocr:xml
 [3] Had trouble finding informal definition, but schemas are at
 [4] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HOCR