Sajem Tan:

Dasnankixikolm navnyc vazolt.

We don't have a word for "car" so I went with "space helicopter".

(turns out "kaxik" is land vehicle)

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> In Senjecas: ba̋a̋ve/ta̋se meƣős/k̬enős éva vűűa:
> Charlie
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> Subject: How well do we know our conglangs
> I was on Facebook, earlier today when I ran across a post from one of my
> language groups.
> The post was for multilingual skills, and I thought it might be nice to try
> something similar here.
> How would you say:
> The cat/animal is on the car/anything.
> in your conglang(s), without looking at your grammar.
> Now I have to admit I can't do this for my conlang, but I know some of you
> can probably do this in your sleep.

Daniel Swanson, Certified Geek