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This isn't exactly what you asked, but the NaNoWriMo (National Novel
Writing Month) forums have a subforum for discussion of world-building
issues. Unfortunately, they don't have an extensive archive, as they purge
the forums annually to start afresh. In fact, I just got the notice that
this year's cleansing is coming up on the 4th (they do provide warning, as
they know some participants will want to save some the exchanges for their
own archives). It obviously isn't worth concerning yourself with if you
have no interest in NaNoWriMo otherwise, but if you are considering
participation, there is an active community and discussion do include your
indicated area of interest, though focused (naturally) on the use of
conworld for narrative.

I understand that this is not a direct answer to your question, but is at
least related enough that it may well be of use, if not to yourself,
perhaps some other reader who was hoping to hear affirmative responses to
your query.

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> Hi!
> Does anyone know if there is a Mail List as this but for Conworlding?