On 30/08/2018 14:03, Raymond Brown wrote:
> On 30/08/2018 11:55, Raymond Brown wrote: [snip]
>> I discover that before I abandoned ... Brx in April 2013:
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>> Brx had: muc-w'bsd /'mawuciSwiR'pusatu/ "the cat is in the garden."
>>  (In Brx both - and ' denote morphemes)
> I think I should have explained that letter of the Roman/Latin
> alphabet denote a CV syllable.   The symbols - (dash) and ' (vertical
> apostrophe) are

Sorry about the interruption.

As I was saying, the symbols - (dash) and ' (vertical apostrophe)
are morpheme divides and are _pronounced_ as syllable codas:

The dash is "[s]yllable final /S/ [which] is pronounced [s] or [ʃ]
before plosives before plosives and sibilants; before nasals and
approximates, they may	be either voiceless [s] or [ʃ] or voiced [z] or [ʒ]."

The verticle apostrophe is "[s]yllable final /R/ [which] may be
pronounced as a trilled [r], or as a rhotic tap [ɾ] or [ɽ], or a rhotic
approximate [ɹ] or [ɻ], or it may be silent and cause the preceding
vowel to be rhotacized as [i˞], [a˞] or [u˞]."

For more detailed information about the pronunciation of the now defunct
Brx, see:

I notice the paragraph above the final table meantions _four_ syllabic
codas, and the table gives only three!  Ah well, it was an unfinished
project      ;)