The cat/animal is on the car/anything.

In Beltös:

Žeš ‘iḱat́a t́edebent́iz ‘ižbi ḱizampaläh

The she-cat rests on the wheel.

The Beltös people do not have any cars, nor any vehicles for that matter.
They do have wheels, though, which is what I chose to substitute. Wheels
are considered useless toys. And they don’t neuter cats, or any animals.
They are either he-cats or she-cats. Finally, there is a copula, but it
cannot be used in this context. The cat has to be doing something: sitting,
standing, resting, sleeping, on the wheel.

(I know the Beltös grammar pretty well, but I did have to reference the

On Tue, Aug 28, 2018 at 1:18 PM Jim Thain <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I was on Facebook, earlier today when I ran across a post from one of my
> language groups.
> The post was for multilingual skills, and I thought it might be nice to try
> something similar here.
> How would you say:
> The cat/animal is on the car/anything.
> in your conglang(s), without looking at your grammar.
> Now I have to admit I can't do this for my conlang, but I know some of you
> can probably do this in your sleep.