Laaate to the party as usual.

I can (of course) do it off the top of my head in Rhodrese:

«El gat sentet alla vetxure.»

[ɪlˈgat ˈsɛntɪ(t) ˌaɽˡə vɪˈtʃyɾɪ]


'The cat sits on the car.'

I'd have to look up 'cart' or similar in Sohlob but the rather unlikely
"the cat is on the elephant" would be

_on maw an zoǧd anäšt_

be.PRES.PROG cat the.ANIM elephant the.ANIM-SUPE

[ɒn ˈmɑwɑn ˌzɒʁdɑˈnæɕt]

_on ňawan zowdanešt_ [ɔn ˈɲawən ˌzɔwdəˈnɛʂt] in Chidilib. A (small)
virtual lollipop to those who figure out the sound changes in the initial
of 'cat'! :-)

I have no idea what the sentence would be in Euia Twas, but 'cat' would
probably be _meiáw_, and it would sit on a mat or a boat :-)

Den tis 28 aug 2018 22:18Jim Thain <[log in to unmask]> skrev:

> I was on Facebook, earlier today when I ran across a post from one of my
> language groups.
> The post was for multilingual skills, and I thought it might be nice to try
> something similar here.
> How would you say:
> The cat/animal is on the car/anything.
> in your conglang(s), without looking at your grammar.
> Now I have to admit I can't do this for my conlang, but I know some of you
> can probably do this in your sleep.