I'd like to second (or third?) this proposal.


Il 30/10/18 17:06, Martin Holmes ha scritto:
> On 2018-10-30 6:51 a.m., Peter Boot wrote:
>> Hello all,
>>> <note target="doc.xml#a1" targetEnd="doc.xml#a2">
>>>     <note type="short">Here is a short note on the word/phrase</note>
>>>     <note type="long">Here is a longer, more discursive note on the 
>>> phrase</note>
>>>     <note type="pedagogical">Here is a note that offers exercises in 
>>> the classroom for this phrase</note>
>>> </note>
>> I've often thought we needed a (nestable) noteGrp element, just like 
>> we have linkGrp, personGrp, etc., and this seems like a perfect use-case.
>> Other situations where such an element would be useful:
>> - Group notes by language (if an edition has annotation in multiple 
>> languages)
>> - Group notes by type (explanatory, paleographical, ...)
>> - Group notes by text division
> This is a really good idea. <noteGrp> should presumably also be 
> nestable, and should appear anywhere <note> can appear.
> Cheers,
> Martin


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