Dear Thomas,
the first thing to decide is *where* you are going to publish the 
introduction for your digital edition, because some projects prefer to 
have a dedicated web site which is actually separate from the actual 
published edition; in the which case, you can have a minimal TEI header 
since everything is published elsewhere. See for instance the Codice 
Pelavicino Digitale:

Note that in the digital edition proper you have *part* of a critical 
introduction, since the content of the <msDesc> element is available via 
the MS Desc button:

(very slow web server at the moment, please be patient).

We're considering supporting a full introduction to a digital edition in 
EVT directly inside the latter, however, by expanding the "Project Info" 
window. What would you think of that? Many scholars prefer a separate 
web site, but I'm starting to lean towards the "everything in the 
digital edition" solution.

Last note, if not in the header I would put such an introduction in the 
<front> element.

Best regards,


Il 29/10/18 08:32, Thomas Stäcker ha scritto:
> Dear list,
> even though I have been working with the TEI for a couple of years I am 
> still uncertain about the function and role of the teiHeader versus a 
> critical introduction that as a rule precedes every serious critical 
> edition. I checked the archive of the list, but couldn‘t find any 
> discussion or recommendation about that matter, but might have 
> overlooked it. Currently we include the critical introduction in the 
> body of the edition (<body><div type=„introduction“>). This solution is 
> taken from examples of analog editions that are encoded according to the 
> TEI and where it is evident that all parts of the text including the 
> editorial introduction have to be represented in the digital version of 
> it either. However, when we turn to a born digital edition things are 
> less clear as we can populate the teiHeader with that kind of 
> meta-information. In addition, the teiHeader offers markup that is 
> especially designed and dedicated to describe that particular kind of 
> information whereas the critical introduction in the body would be less 
> normative. Accordingly, the critical introduction can be regarded as in 
> a way redundant to the Header or even superfluous. My question is if 
> there exists any recommondation about how a critical introduction shall 
> be treated in born digital editions. I feel a teiHeader should be there 
> anyway, but how is it to be distinguished from the critical introduction 
> or how can this relation of the teiHeader to the critical introduction 
> be defined? I'd be most grateful for any hint or recommendation.
> Best
> Thomas


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