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What is it? The CQV is a translation of the Wescott-Hort Greek New Testament into the Quenya language. What is Quenya? Quenya is the High-Elven language constructed by J.R.R. Tokien for personal edification and use in the world of The Lord of the Rings.

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Subject: Nine Lessons and Carols

If you're anything like me, you've probably been listening to Christmas
music for a couple of months now.  Well, actually, some Christmas music I
listen to year round.  But the point is, now that Hallowe'en is past, it's
finally socially acceptable for me to listen to as much Christmas music as
I want.  (I have a lot of my grandfather's old records.  The "big band"
music I find a bit too modern for my taste, but he does have a lot of old
Christmas records which are quite a lot of fun.  But I'm getting off of the

Has anyone ever considered a Conlang Lessons and Carols project?  That is,
a website or publication or whatever in which the Nine Lessons are
translated into various conlangs along with a selections of carols which
are actually singable in the standard singable way?

If you don't know what "Lessons and Carols" is, I've included some
references below.  It's also highly likely that I've brought up this idea
before.  In fact, I probably bring it up every year at about this time.
Some of you on this list may be thinking, "Yikes, he's bringing up Conlang
Carols again.  Zammy take me now!"

Anyway, with nine lessons and a whole bunch of carols, it shouldn't be
difficult to get volunteers to pick this lesson or to choose one carol to
translate, and after a month or so the entire program could be filled up
with maybe two dozen conlangs.  (The first carol is usually "Once in Royal
David's City," but there is a great deal of flexibility carolwise).

Of course, some of our conlangs may take place in worlds that don't
celebrate Christmas.  Well, there can always be a parallel Lessons and
Carols for them.  I don't tell folk how to be creative; I just urge them to
be creative.

Now, since the entire Bible has long since been translated into Esperanto,
and there are already a lot of singable Esperanto carols, my suggestion is
that if there is one passage which no one claims, or a gap where there
should be a carol, that there an Esperanto version can be inserted.  I know
the New Testament was translated into Volapuk too ... and perhaps there are
a few other translations too (Ido?  Bits and pieces of Klingon?  Helge
Fauskanger has much of the New Testament in Neo-Quenya on his Ardalamberon
site.  I think the nativity story exists in Verdurian, and a paraphrase of
it in Laadan).

So, this is just a crazy thought of mine.  One day I'll yap about how
Handel's Messiah should be sung in the original Klingon.

Some references:

Overview of Lessons and Carols:

Pdf of the King's College 2015 service (other years can be found as well as
services from other parishes and traditions, but this is just the first one
that popped up aGoogling):

Esperanto Christmas Carols:

Silent Night in many languages (including conlangs):

Just for fun, here's Silent Night in Teonaht:

Levitil meual hloweht-jo,
Rollyza l'ilvaz, nissilba poto;
Ynnehil Marua la tamol tso ke.
Hwendlwet hloweht tsob myeeht edrime.
Admy eldrimeden edrim'f!
Edrim'f cel eldrimeddhe!

Silent and blessed night,
bright is the night sky, all is silent.
Behold Mary, we see her child,
Blessed little baby in a soft sleep.
Sleep among the angels.
Sleep among the host of angels.

And this is Silent Night in aUI:

yIm yiA, kUrUm yiA
Silent night, holy night,

can yvAv, cvAv 1m fA
all sleeps, being awake only now

kUrUm b2j 1mf1m, trOvAm Ib brOm,
holy pair alone, hoping and loving,

kUtvu r1m ynynvu riOm:
Godson from young girl beautiful:

Ayerv rUg ag knam brU!
rest well in heavenly peace,

UyvArv rUg ag knam brU!
sleep well in heavenly peace.

yIm yiA, kUrUm yiA!
Silent night, holy night,

bosu Ov, Uf fiA
herdsmen feel, that today

knau tagepAv kna at iO;
angels opened heaven to sight;

kUO kEdev at bEn Uj kubrO:
Glory flies to Earth as mercy:

xrist ytyrv yt yrU!
Christ saves from evil spirit,

trovu ytyrv yt yrU!
Healer saves from evil.

yIm yiA, kUrUm yiA
Silent night, holy night,

brO setAv fAvm tA;
love will give new future;

kUm riOma iv jOm pfE ki
holy Grace shines like that star

daiuv 3 nUm knu Ud knam i:
leads three wise kings by heavenly light:

toepAm tvu cí Ub kU!
born son is of God,

toepAm tvu cEv yt kU!
born son is from God.