Hallo conlangers!

On 12/11/2018 22:07, Chris Brown wrote:

> Have been working on another script for Queranarran, one of the Daine languages.
> Here ( is one, called the Leaf & Flower Script.
> wailiu namoccanye surria pweherí sweswarocceng
> sweswarenem Yeoles and enderí harachanweshe
> le talghonye nimam and naderí calamuraveherzh
> esat endi saiano melle pweremanimonye wesenyas
> soft the cloak she snowed
> in snow is Earth shrouded
> in fur-blanket is the girl sleeping
> until her her Mother awakens!

Beautiful script, and the poem as well! I am thinking of something like
this for Sinjenrin, the language of the Moonchildren (Elves living as
travelling showmen in the world of today), but so far, only a vague idea

... brought to you by the Weeping Elf
"Bêsel asa Éam, a Éam atha cvanthal a cvanth atha Éamal." - SiM 1:1