So, there's been some interest expressed in a Conlang Card Exchange and I think it would be fun to do this again as we've done in years past!

In order to keep it simple, send me your Name, address & email address. Addresses in scripts other than Roman (China, Russia, etc.) should be given in both.

At some point in time, I'll send out an email with the addresses and everyone can send to whoever and how many ever they want.

Send to: elemtilas at yahoo dot com

If you've never participated before:

You'll get a list of names and addresses of fellow language inventors usually from a number of countries. You send out cards (can be conlang or conculture oriented or not) to as many on the list as you like. You get cards from as many as sent one to your address!

Some of the cards I've gotten in the past have been stupendously wonderful; almost all have in some way involved the sender's conlang or conculture. Sometimes just a postcard with the local equivalent of "Happy Holidays"; sometimes a veritable cultural construction.

If you have participated before, please consider doing so again!

We don't really have a set due date, though it is nice to get cards around Christmas or New Year. You certainly won't be penalised for sending cards in March or May...