On 28/01/2019 10:12, Lou Burnard wrote:
> Surely <list><label></label><item></item></list> is exactly analogous to
> <div><head></head><p></p></div> ?
> There is a difference in that in the former case only one <item> is 
> permitted, but the relationship between the child elements of <list>
> or <div> is exactly the same.

I think the problem is precisely that label→item pairs are intended to
recur, whereas head→p pairs should probably never recur (although
additional p and other element types may follow), so I'm not sure that
it really is that analagous.

A good general principle is that if you find yourself wondering whether
you should enclose some repeatable element structure you are designing,
the answer is almost certainly Yes. I'm unclear how we let this one slip

Sure, you can compensate for it in the processing, but it just feels the
wrong way round.