Members of this list may be interested in an XPath-intensive course (#49) co-taught by me and David Birnbaum in Week 2 of the Digital Humanities Summer Institute: XPath for Processing XML and Managing Projects. I'm delighted to be teaching this class alongside the mentor and friend who taught me what I know about XPath, XSLT, XQuery, and Schematron. David is one of the most adept, XPath-fluent coders I know, with a keen understanding of how to build and process digital projects.

Please see our course materials:

We're teaching XPath and showing how to apply it in various contexts each day of the course, so participants will be oriented to XPath in XQuery through the eXist-db XML database as well as XPath in XSLT and Schematron in the oXygen XML Editor. XPath is the star of the show in the course, to help you gain skills in writing it *and* applying it to manage, organize, navigate, process, and publish XML and TEI code. We're also exploring some of the newest features of XPath that help simplify the syntax and help you write precise, efficient code. (I learned quite a lot about XPath in preparing our materials in the past year!)

*  Scholarships are available to support participation in the course and defray the expenses of attending DHSI: To apply for a scholarship start here (before registering): . 
* To register for the course: and look for course 49.

Please share widely with people who might benefit from learning XPath with us (and that could be someone just learning XML, someone seeking a refresher, someone trying to expand what they can do with a digital edition project, as well as someone who might benefit from a scholarship to attend the DHSI.) 

Thanks for reading and sharing, and David and I look forward to seeing some of you in the XPath class! 

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