I wonder if there is any recommendation for encoding chapter labels, like:

  Chapter V
  Name of the chapter here

  Text of the first paragraph...

Typically this would be encoded in TEI like this:

 <head>Chapter V <lb/>Name of the chapter here</head>
 <p>Text of the first paragraph.... </p>

I feel that the "Chapter V" part is not really part of the heading, not as much as the actual title of the chapter anyway.

At application level, I do not want that label to appear in search, associated urls etc, anywhere else really, except the actual text rendering.

I looked into the TEI documentation and can't seem to find anything about this pretty frequent case.

I feel that something like:

	<label>Chapter V</label>
	Name of the chapter here

would be pretty adequate, although it is not standard TEI.

Anybody met this situation? Please advise.
Thanks in advance