Hello List,

I am encoding information derived from letters - rather than encoding the
texts themselves.

I am interested in representing mentions and how many times the author of
the letter is mentioning each named entity. I am currently using <relation>
to encode these pieces of information along with <person>:

<relation active="#person_8726289" name="mentions" passive="#person_000001
#person_000002 #person_000005 #person_66462281 #person_66806872" ana="1"

<relation active="#person_8726289" name="mentions" passive=
"#person_66806872" ana="2" source="#carta_es_0001”/>

In this case, both <relations> have the same author recorded with @active
and several “targets” recorded with @passive. In the first element
<relation> those people were mentioned only once - thus I am storing that
information using @ana. In the second element the author mentions one of
these authorities (they are mostly Latin authors) twice - thus, I used
@ana=“2”. Both elements have the same source (@source=“carta_es_0001”)
because they are “facts” contained in the same letter. However, I am not
very happy with the use of @ana to represent the frequency or the weight of
the relation.

Does anyone know an alternative or can share her/his experience/opinion?

(I do not like either using @name to store action verbs like mentions or
quotes, but this is the closest way I found in the TEI to emulate RDF or
standoff markup).

Thank you for your feedback.


​*Dr. Antonio Rojas Castro*
Post-doctoral Researcher, Cologne Center for eHumanities
Editor, *The Programming Historian en español*