Dear TEI Community!

The TEI Consortium has released version 3.5.0 of the TEI Guidelines. (The codename for which is "Raven" or "The Raven Release", because Poe's famous poem was first published under his name on January 29th) and version 7.47.0 of the TEI Stylesheets. Our release technicians were Hugh Cayless and Elli Mylonas, assisted by Syd Bauman, James Cummings, Martin Holmes, Peter Stadler and myself. The release went smoothly, which is the way we like it. Please note that the TEI tools OxGarage, Roma, the Oxygen plugin and the Debian packages will be updated soon. For details, please see the release notes<> below.

As always, we encourage you all to report bugs and make feature requests via the GitHub site at Your input is what tells us what to work on, and we cannot do without it! All of the TEI Consortium's software projects are hosted at and issues or feature requests should be reported at the various project repositories there. The Guidelines are available from all the usual places (such as the TEI website and the GitHub site A new release of the TEI Stylesheets has been made in conjunction with the 3.5.0 release at

Best wishes and happy encoding!

Martina Scholger

TEI Technical Council Chair

This release of the TEI Guidelines introduces new features and resolves a number of issues raised by the TEI community. As always, the majority of these changes and corrections are a consequence of feature requests or bugs reported by the TEI community using the GitHub tracking system. A full list of the issues resolved in the course of this release cycle may be found under the 3.5.0 milestone<>.

Highlights of this release include:

  *   New elements have been introduced to name, describe, identify and list objects (#327<>):
     *   The objectName<> element contains a proper noun or noun phrase used to refer to an object.
     *   The listObject<> element contains a list of descriptions, each of which provides information about an identifiable physical object.
     *   The object<> element contains a description of a single identifiable physical object.
     *   The objectIdentifier<> element groups one or more identifiers or pieces of locating information concerning a single object.
     *   Guidelines prose has been created for Objects in chapter 13.3.5<> and for Object names in chapter 13.2.4<>.
     *   Minor modifications have been made to the descriptions of msDesc<>-related items to enable use for 'other objects'.
  *   Note: The object element is a recent addition to the TEI P5 Guidelines as of version 3.5.0 and as such may be more prone to further revision in the next few releases as its use develops. This may be particularly evident where its contents have been borrowed from msDesc<> and have yet to be generalized from their use in the context of manuscript descriptions.
  *   The Schematron deprecation warning on secFol<>, signatures<>, and catchwords<> has been changed to an outright error when used outside of msDesc<> (#1479<>).
  *   The attribute class att.tableDecoration<> has been moved from the tei module to the figures module (#1528<>).
  *   model.qLike<> has been added to macro.phraseSeq<> (#1531<>).
  *   A new example using the source attribute on schemaSpec<> has been added (#1593<>).
  *   The description of seal<> and sealDesc<> has been revised (#1655<>).
  *   A new Guidelines Appendix G: Deprecations<> was introduced which includes a list of pending deprecations (#1657<>) and an explanation of alternative encoding strategies (#1815<>).
  *   The type attribute on tech<> has been changed from a closed to a semi-open value list (#1662<>).
  *   The description on att.lexicographic<> has been improved (#1720<>).
  *   With the addition of model.qLike to macro.phraseSeq (#1531<>), incipit<> can now contain quote<>, q<>, and cit<> (#1755<>).
  *   A more complex example on the path<> element has been added alongside an improved explanation (#1797<>).
  *   A warning about XPath injection attacks has been added to teidata.xpath (#1811<>).
  *   The elements respStmt<> and resp<> are now available in the jTEI schema (#1812<>).
  *   The subtype attribute has been added to the att.entryLike<> class. Thus, the attribute is available for the elements entry<>, entryFree<>, and superEntry<> (#1819<>).
  *   The Framework build process no longer strips comments from templates in Oxygen #1828<>.
  *   The witDetail<> element has been removed from model.noteLike<> along with the clarification on the use of source rather than resp and the wit<> element vs. the wit attribute (#1845<>).
  *   The build process has been cleaned up slightly (#1802<>, thanks to Duncan Paterson; and #1757<>).
  *   The element children of a constraint<> no longer need be Schematron (#1607<>; this change was part of 3.4.0, but did not make it into those release notes).
  *   Corrections of typographic errors, improvements on explanations, and corrections of examples have been conducted in various sections of the Guidelines. (Including #1846<>, #1801<>, and #1794<>.)

Furthermore, a number of translations have been added or updated. For the Japanese translations we especially thank Kiyonori Nagasaki and Martin Holmes.

In addition, many improvements have been made to the XSLT stylesheets (which provide processing of TEI ODD files for Roma<> and OxGarage<> as well as other TEI conversions). The Stylesheets are maintained separately from the Guidelines and are at A full list of the issues resolved in the course of this release cycle may be found under the 7.47.0 milestone<>.

Highlights of this release include:

  *   The tests on processing minOccurs and maxOccurs have been improved (#354<>).
  *   The elements cb<>, gb<>, and milestone<> are now ignored in the processing of FO (#334<>).

·       A CSS declaration that caused an error in the epub output has been removed (#115<>).

·       Better automated processing of release notes in readme files like this one.

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