On 17/01/2019 18:50, Lex Schone wrote:
> A bit late, but happy birthday! And those essays are quite 
> interesting. It definitely taught me something new, especially that 
> the outcomes of Gaulish diphthongization were /i: e: u: o: -> ei ie 
> ou ua/.
>> Now the chaos of the building work is almost at an end, I must 
>> progress the work on Britainese.  As i read the first essay in the 
>> Festschrift, I'm interested in the similar aims of Muai and Piashi 
>> and also in the differences.   The third essay deals with 
>> 'self-segregation' which was a feature of Piashi.  :)
> I will definitely be eagerly awaiting updates on Britainese!

I have been tidying up the Orthography page, and have uploaded the
latest version.  Still need to finish writing up on the palatals!

> Just a thing, have you considered adding an additional page on the 
> morphosyntax of the language?

Morphology and syntax will certainly follow.

> Though I reckon it would have to be added once the orthography is
> completed, to save yourself from having to go back to update
> everything.

Exactly!  Even now there are inconsistencies on the phonology and
orthography pages which will need ironing out.  I don't want to keep
coming back to them once I get launched into morphology!