staving Joerg Rhiemeier:

>I have made a similar comment about Vennemann's Vasconic hypothesis on
>the ZBB a few days ago: his idea that there was a language family which
>spread across much of western Europe when it was repopulated after the
>last ice age, which originated in western Spain and of which Basque is
>the last survivor, is plausible (though not certain: Basque may have
>moved in later), but his etymologies, by which he attempts to
>demonstrate this, are bogus.

Indeed, I had some fun at Vennemann's well-deserved expense once in a SpecGram article entitled "The Chadic Substratum in English".

The facts I cite are true (although I may have overstated the degree of gramaticalisation of cliticised auxiliaries in English), but the theoretical interpretation stretched them way beyond breaking point.