Hallo conlangers!

On 16/01/19 12:37 Raymond Brown wrote:

> On 16/01/2019 00:10, Tim Smith wrote:
>> Congratulations, Ray, and many happy returns!
> Thank you.
>> You're a decade ahead of me (I'll turn 70 in a few months), but I
>> regard you as something of a role model: you haven't let mere age
>> stop you from doing interesting things,
> Maybe too many interesting things.  :)
> Now the chaos of the building work is almost at an end, I must progress
> the work on Britainese.  As i read the first essay in the Festschrift,
> I'm interested in the similar aims of Muai and Piashi and also in the
> differences.   The third essay deals with 'self-segregation' which was a
> feature of Piashi.  :)
> Masybe when I've got Britainese further advanced, I may return to
> thePiashi/briefscript project.

That would surely be interesting to follow. It contains so many good
ideas that it is regrettable that you did not finish it. But as long as
you are alive and well, you can still pick it up again.

> Or maybe something else in the
> Festschrift may set me off on an entirely different path.  Who knows?

Maybe a Paleo-European language, following the leads I have laid out in
my own contribution? Such as a language that expands on the little that
is known of Eteocretan - a conlang in which the Eteocretan inscriptions
make sense?

>> and I don't intend to either.
> Good for you.  Hope I'm still around to wish you a happy 80th one day. :)

We all hope that you will live to do so, and stay in good health such
that you can continue to contribute to the art of conlanging for years
to come!

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"Bêsel asa Éam, a Éam atha cvanthal a cvanth atha Éamal." - SiM 1:1