The most that I can make out of it is:

Milenasa(?) Milošs
Nonada Andro
Tbilisi 1961c' (and c' stands for c'eli which means year)

The bottom part of course means "Tbilisi 1961" as Logan's friend noted.
Of the words on top, the only one that makes any sense to me is Milošs -
"to Miłosz".
Good luck!


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> If you just want to transcribe it, this should help:
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> > Hello, I'm new here. A dear friend of mine recommended this list as a way
> > to find an answer to a little personal mystery.
> > I picked up an antique horn at a thrift store a few years ago with a
> carved
> > inscription in the metal around the rim. It's beautiful and I love it,
> but
> > until my friend helped me figure out it was Georgian, I didn't even know
> > what script it was written in.
> > Does anyone know enough Georgian to help me piece together what it says?
> A
> > hand-recreation of the characters at this link (,
> > along with a photo of the original script on the horn (
> >
> > Thank you in advance for your help.
> > -Serp