Sonyaru, marfanorko. Ta Lortoit shol banadjinunit shunyira. Franartantoilu djurova zatvolyavu. Vey zhoyese ishi chilinyara ta nuvenda.

Thank you, honored friend. I have long admired the Lortho language. It looks very beautiful. And to me, aesthetics is always important.

Itlani Jim

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From: Brian Bourque
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Subject: Re: Itlani Language Day

On Fri, 8 Feb 2019 04:21:49 -0500, Jim Hopkins <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>Yaraspál ta zarmak zarit shtatéyl ta vanana ta Itlanit shola onyara! Kashatum iidova kuteyrisilu Itlanese vaflaya makayatu!
>Today is the twenty second anniversary of the birth of Itlani. If I could only celebrate with a little visit to Itlán!
>Itlani Jim (once known as Tsiasuk-Pron; now known as Tsirea-Vankedzu)
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Shinal   -a todha Italani-nau! Shinar   harin-ikh-anni! 
happy.ADJ-N day.N Itlani -GEN! well.ADV do   -PST-2MSG!

Happy Itlani Day! You have done well (well done)!

Domared -in   manni  -nat manna pherthan   ikhi    du  -shin-u mannaphu   morthan  Lortho-me.
inspired-1MSG PN.2MSG-ABL for   become.INF IND.ART COMP-good-F language.F make.INF Lortho-ACC 

You inspire me to make Lortho become a better language.

very respectfully,

Brian Bourque
SFC, USA (Ret)
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