(This mail seems to have disappeared on the way to the LCS members list 
so I try again here.)

I think I've asked about this before years ago, but does there
currently exist badge ribbons for LCS or conlanging in general?

I mean stuff like:

(Google for: badge ribbon)

These are common at Worldcon. I'll be there (Dublin) this year (2019),
and I do not mind at advertizing for LCS (or conlanging).

I don't know how common they are at other events but I find them quite
charming, and I collect 'em. Here's some more background from another

If there aren't any, "LCS" in gold on purple should be quick and easy
to make, and it'd be cool if members could order their own and (at
worldcon) starting out with "LCS" prominently displayed. There could
be more generic ones as well, like "Ask me about conlanging",
"conlanger", "I (heart) artlangs" etc. Actually, I might have some of 
the latter ones made myself..