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> >/mîr?rh/ (underlying form; ? means I have no idea how to transcribe an
> >underlying empty vowel slot)
> I can think of a few:
> - Apostrophe
> - Middle dot
> - ‹ə›
> - ‹V›
> - ‹v› (if it's free)
> Of these ‹ə› and ‹V› are what I use for an "undetermined" vowel which takes
> all its features except [+vowel] from vowel harmony (essentially a short
> copy of the nearest preceding long vowel). When citing actual words as
> opposed to affixes I just write the surface vowel though.

Fwiw, I use middle dot for English schwa, on the view that it is not an
underlyingly empty vowel slot but rather a nonslot -- a between-slots
position -- that is potentially the locus for anaptyxis. Alex told me that
he had independently come up with the same notation for a similar
phenomenon in one of his conlangs (an Akana one, iirc).