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> > I personally believe that the Voynich MS is a conlang. Any 15th century
> > cipher for a natlang could be cracked, and the manuscript has statistical
> > properties that argue against it being gibbrerish.
> >
> Has anyone tried to reverse-engineer a Voynich conlang (as a kind of
> Shannonian exercise)? I gave it about ten minutes' thought a few years ago
> and couldn't see any obvious way to construct a conlang to match its
> properties. But I imagine someone with more ingenuity or more time must
> have had a stab. (To be clear, I mean not trying to discover the conlang
> used by the creator of the document, but rather trying to create a conlang
> that can generate a text that matches the Voynich text.)

Isn't Codex Seraphinianus precisely that?

Number system is conlangish, the rest is automatic meaningless writing plus
beautiful art.

> --And.