Here's a thing I've started that may be of interest ... I'm going 
through the World Atlas of Language Structures ( ) 
and trying to figure out the values of features for my languages. Mainly 
I'll be focusing on Jarda, Tirėlat, and Lindiga, but I'll be adding data 
from other languages as well. At least for now I'll be limiting it to 
Azirian "natlangs" (as opposed to conlangs that are actually in-world 
conlangs like Jaghri and Minza, without native speakers). I'm not sure 
of many of the values for some of the features, but I'll try to give 
tentative values for them if I don't know.

I'll start with the first 5 features, all having to do with phonology. 
The first few features are easy ones, starting with the size of the 
consonant inventory.

1. Consonant Inventories

Small              1 (Zirinka)
Moderately small   3 (Mayushi, Vizaki, Yasaro)
Average            2 (Lindiga, Tirėlat)
Moderately large   2 (Jarda, Zharranh)
Large              0

I have more languages in the "moderately small" category than "average", 
but this is such a small sample that it doesn't say much ... it looks 
like a reasonable distribution.

Next the vowel quality inventory. This doesn't count long, short, or 
nasalized vowels as different, just the distinctions in vowel height, 
backness, and rounding.

2. Vowel Quality Inventories

Small     2 (Vizaki, Zirinka)
Average   3 (Mayushi, Yasaro, Zharranh)
Large     3 (Jarda, Lindiga, Tirėlat)

The third feature is the ratio of these two numbers.

3. Consonant-Vowel Ratio

Low	          0
Moderately low    1 (Lindiga)
Average	          6 (Jarda, Mayushi, Tirėlat, Vizaki, Yasaro, Zirinka)
Moderately high   1 (Zharranh)
High	          0

It seems that I have an overabundance of "average" consonant/vowel 
inventories and not many on the extremes. Again it's a small sample, but 
  I'd expect around 3-4 in the "average" category rather than 6.

4. Voicing in Plosives and Fricatives

No voicing contrast  2 (Lindiga, Yasaro)
Plosives alone       1 (Mayushi)
Fricatives alone     2 (Vizaki, Zirinka)
Both                 3 (Jarda, Tirėlat, Zharranh)

The unusual result here is the high number of languages with voicing 
contrast in fricatives alone. This could be an artifact of the small 
sample size, but I think that Azirian languages in general may have more 
fricatives than typical human languages. I'd also expect more languages 
with a contrast in plosives alone, but again it's a small sample.

5. Voicing and Gaps in Plosive Systems

Other           4 (Lindiga, Vizaki, Yasaro, Zirinka)
/p t k b d g/   2 (Jarda, Tirėlat)
Missing /p/     0
Missing /g/     1 (Zharranh)
Both missing    1 (Mayushi)

"Both missing" is a rare category in WALS (only 3 out of 567 languages), 
so it's interesting that Mayushi fits into this category. The languages 
in the "other" category lack a voicing contrast in plosives.