This isn't the Sefdaanian New Year, but I think the greeting still applies.

 Sefdaania the new year began on the winter solstice, "hemsűxra" (winter

turning). The greeting was "ba̋ira hemsűxram", joyful winter solstice. It's

 in the accusative case, "I wish you a..." being understood. To this could

be added "da ɫe̋na dı̋lam" (ɫ = /l̥/), and a bountiful year. Because of the

harsh winters, everyone hoped for an increase in the herds and a

bounteous harvest.

With a little adaptation we get "ba̋ira dilsűxram", joyful year turning.

Tevűm da orűm o ba̋ira dilsűxram da ɫe̋na dı̋lam!

To one and all a joyful new year and bountiful year.