At 14:57 7.3.1997 -0500, Ken Caviness wrote:

>>>About spelling, is it regular as in Esperanto? That is, the same sound,
>>>the same letter? Is there a fixed stressed syllable or the stress is not
>>Novial uses qu and x for "kw" and "ks" but generally follows one
>>letter-one sound. The stress rule is a little more complex than Eo's:
>>the vowel before the last consonant is stressed.
>I dread those extra little complexities.  Fatal "design flaw".  ;-)

I both agree and disagree. Since there is a variation between different
languages in the pronunciation of {x} as /ks/ or /gz/ in a number of words
(e.g 'example'), the letter {x} is a good cover-symbol allowing speakers to
use either pronunciation. As for {q} (NOT {qu} imho!) it might serve the
same purpose as cover-symbol for [kw] and [kv]. The flaw here is that there
is no similar symbol available for [gw]/[gv]. To propose {w} for this role,
spelling e.g. _linw-_ and _sanw-_, is, while possible, probably too

What do you other auxlangers think?


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