At 01:01 AM 16.04.97 -0400, Jay Bowks wrote:

>Ken, I am an active supporter of IALA's IAL and I don't quite
>understand what you are asking about Interlingua so please pardon
>the barrage of info at the end of your quoted message, it will
>be lengthy, but the directions on how to join INTERLNG are found
>at the end.
>Thanks for the commendation and kudos in return,
>Jay B.

Excellent, thanks for the INTERLNG info.  I had the address but
lost it somewhere along the way.  :-(

The introductory material you included is also welcome.  I have
similar introductions, but not, I think, this particular posting.
Thank you!  I'm familiar with the Interlingua websites and have
worked through the online lessons, which together with my French
and beginning Spanish lets me follow much of the written language.
Some of the words I have to keep looking up, since my Latin knowledge
is nil.  Someday!

I guess what I was looking for is this:  what do you see as the
particular strengths of Interlingua? (or your favorite IAL, everybody!)
If you were designing one today, which features of Interlingua would
you include?


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