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>This is all very well on an recreational level, but what this world
>could really do with is an Interlanguage which is used by millions
>(or billions) and is not Esperanto.  That is what some of us at least,
>against strong opposition, are working to achieve.

[Ho, do I smell smugness? My post was mainly in humor, but since I feel
like my Vice is being attacked, I guess I will have to reply:]

I suppose that is an admirable goal for y'all. I am only here as a
spectator though, since I haven't even been converted to the conIAL idea,
much less from one IAL to another. I don't see where your efforts are any
more serious and rooted in reality than mine!

I am now grappling with "what this world could really do with is an
Interlanguage which ... is not Esperanto"... What difference does it make
if it is Esperanto or not? Isn't the point communication? Esperanto works
for communication. Just about anything would work. I am still not
convinced that the general public is going to buy a constructed language
until y'all come up with some improved marketing strategies. Why would
someone buy a marginally useful conlang when (s)he could have an
immediately useful natlang?

I do have an interest in some auxlangs, at least on a design level, and I
might learn those, but it won't be because I am on some sort of crusade
for IALs. I mean, I have found use for Esperanto in IRC Esperanto
channels, but it is just the joy of playing with the language that takes
me there, no matter how bad my Esperanto is. ( And I find the people put
up with me and help me along very nicely.) I enjoy reading Interlingua
simply because I can. I am watching the development of Bahasan with
interest because the concept fascinates me. I am eager to see more
Novial97 because I think highly of some of the people working on it.

I will continue to watch the Auxlang Struggle with amused interest, but
you already know what kind of opposition you are facing. Perhaps if there
was more emphasis on  the personally-fulfilling aspects of learning
LanguageX and less preaching, things might move along a little better.
Heck, you might even convince ME to jump on the bandwagon!  (I should be
a relatively easy target, since I am at least interested in some IALs on
some level.)

My artlang has one speaker, a couple of people who know a little, and
will be gaining a native speaker in the near future. That's more than I
can say for some auxlang proposals.

Now, in case you missed it, THE POINT WAS: "This is language, after all,
not religion; you don't have to renounce your previous language every
time you learn a new one." Feel free to argue, but you are only hurting
the overall IAL cause by pitting one IAL against another. It looks very
bad to those of us outside the IAL movement, and it is very divisive
inside the movement.

And that has NOTHING to do with "recreation".

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