Bruce R. Gilson wrote:
> The most amusing point he makes is

> > ... Failures were Novial,
> >Volapuk, Interlingua, Basic English and many more, so nobody speaks about
> >them any longer.

> Many people are posting in Interlingua. There are 4 web sites describing
> Novial. (And that's 3 more than there were only a year ago!)
>                                 Bruce R. Gilson

There is even a Volapuk presence on the web. And Ido is being
talked of again. Glosa is getting some attention. Interlingua
has, imo, a useful function on certain web pages.

And there have been a lot of new ideas as well as older ones
reborn. Let's not forget Lojban, Eurolang, Vorlin, et alia.

Some of the projects now virtually forgotten, such as Neo, were
far from defective. The web is changing all.

With optimism,

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