BRG wrote:

> Kapitano Eglefino wrote:
> >There is an excellent little book:
> >          Dalton, Ric
> >          The anatomy of a failure : Interlingua analysed
> >          Leeds: Publishers Betaland House, 1992 (81 p.)
> I think anyone who sees the author's name will be able to figure out its
> position...

Probably, but in any case it is certainly not an excellent little book.
(so, bad in fact that I couldn't even be bothered to keep it on my shelves
and threw it away).  I can't think of the right rude adjectives right
now but a lot of its arguments seemed to fall into the "isn't a real
language" category or criticized it for failing to meet goals it never
set itself or failing to satisfy arbitrary criteria dreamed up by Dalton.

Basically I felt rather embarassed that any Esperantist could publish such a
naive and shallow criticism -- replace "Interlingua" by "Esperanto" and you'd
have a typical know-nothing critique of Esperanto.

It's easy to laugh at what you don't understand.  The only thing is,
it's you that ends up as the fool.

> sorry, KE, but Ric Dalton's positions and his attitude toward
> anyone/thing that contradicts the gospel according to Zamenhof are so well
> known that no more need be said.

Oh dear Bruce, we were almost agreeing again!

I don't know enough about rhetoric to the names of the various kinds of
fallacious arguments but there are probably two here:  "Since everyone
one knows that X is wrong I needn't say anything" is not much of an argument.
And "contradicts the gospel according to Zamenhof" is just a piece of content-
free invective.

> P. S. Don't say that anti-Esperantism needs to be motivated by anti-Semitism.
> I am Jewish myself.

Too right!!  And I am saddened by this kind of argument.  I never read that
"enemies of Esperanto" piece but I can imagine what it was like.  (Of course,
by my own principles I'd better go off and read it.  I have read a piece called
"Psychological Reactions to Esperanto".  I was not impresssed!)

In the John Wells dictionary it defines "talpo" as something like
    mole; propagandist who undermines Esperanto through overzealous

There seem to be a lot of talpoj about!

-- jP --