So sorry!  I started to comment on Bruce Gilson's recent message
about books by Dalton and Gopsill, but decided not to.  Then I
accidentally hit send!  My apologies to listmembers for the wasted

But since I'm already writing this, let me add that I appreciate the
nonargumentative tone of your post, Bruce.  I agree that while reading
any conlang comparisons, it is important to know where the author is
coming from, and look for actualy content rather than the (too-often)
inflammatory prejudices.

>But I choose to accept the good in Gopsill's book because there is a
>lot good in it.  But I truly believe it would have been a better book
>if Gopsill had stuck to the areas where it is in accord with the facts.

Very laudable sentiments!  Well, I'm off to read Dalton.  We have now
heard that even Esperantists are ashamed of his (lack of logical)
presentation.  I'll give my report when I've read it myself.  Say,
the Gopsill book you mentioned wouldn't possibly be online, too, would
it?  I know I've read some of his material somewhere, probably on
Paolo Castellina's or Jan Armann's web pages.

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