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>2.      The statistically common words strategy, saying that using the
>        worlds most common root words is the way to go, if the resulting
>        gAL would be able to get international acceptance.

I am planning to implement this on a local, in fact Indic, scale.
Finding common words on a local scale is easier. So too is finding common
grammatical features. It's my belief that it is likelier that R(I)ALs
wd win quicker acceptance than GALs.

It appears there is a need in India for a medium of intranational [sic!]
communication. Some facts in this regard were kindly brought to my
attention by Philip! True, English opens a valuable window to the West
for Indians, but English is known by less than 3% of the population. Chances
that a single existing natlang will win national acceptance at the popular
level is, altho not too small, not too great either!

Maybe a carefully designed auxlang that incorporates grammar & vocab from
the predominant Indian langs stands some chance of acceptance (say using
Northern vocab + Southern grammar)! Lately, a lot of people have been thinking
along these lines, i think. (On a related
vein, for example, a computer scientist from my institute is working on
a project to explore the possiblity of adapting Sanskrit
for computer programming). There are some who feel that Skt can be the
linguistic bridge in India, others Hindi, etc!

Has anyone considered the Indian case before? Any suggestions or parallelsims
with instances elsewhere that in yr opinions might be useful in this context?!!
I am working on a framework for the new Ind-auxlang that i cd come
up with. Yr opinions wd be most welcome! Perhaps with yr helps i cd turn
out a viable indic auxlang!!! :-)

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