At 03:01 PM 19.04.97 GMT, Raymond A. Brown wrote:
>At 16:57 18/4/97, Ken Caviness wrote:
>>>1.  How would Esperantists like to see their text presented?
>>>    With x, h, ^, or what?  I'm open to suggestions.
>>Most common notation on the net is cx, gx, hx, jx, sx, ux.  I don't
>>care for it, because the result looks completely unpronouncable to
>>anyone not acclimatized to this system.
>Infact ux does _not_ look unpronounceable at all.  The 'digraph' is
>completely misleading.

Ok, I agree:  "ux" is misleading and "cx", "gx", "hx", "jx" and "sx"=20
look unpronouncable.

>> It's supporters point out
>>the "x" is not otherwise used in Esperanto, so it's "free".
>But then 'q', 'w', 'y' are not otherwise used, so they are all free.  Why
>not, e.g. cq, hq, jq, uq &c?  IMO it's no worse (or better) than cx, hx &c.
>>I would suggest the system c^, g^, h^, j^, s^,
>That's Ok (tho some Esperantists seem to prefer ^c, ^g, ^h &), tho
>Zamenhof's on suggestion of using ch, gh, hh &c where there circumflex is
>unavailable looks 'neater'.
>But here the diacritic is the breve, not the circumflex.  Zamenhof thought
>that omitting the breve was permissable (tho not desirable). But if this is
>not liked, why not simply use the 'free' {w} if u-breve is unavailable?

I don't fuss at all about what ersatz system people use to represent the=20
Esperanto supersigned characters.  Specifically in soc.culture.esperanto=20
one sees many different possibilities. =20

But here we are discussing what system to use for the showcase of samples=20
of Esperanto and other conlangs.  It seems clear to me that many readers=20
will not previously be familiar with conlangs at all, certainly not with=20
all of the ones sampled, and perhaps not with Esperanto.  Therefore we=20
are not looking for "permissable" alternatives, but an easy way to give=20
an idea of _what_Esperanto_actually_looks_like_.  Even using the "ch",=20
"gh", etc. system would _mislead_ those who look at the material.  And=20
by the way, it would not correctly show one of the differences between=20
Esperanto and Ido.  (Which is unfair to both groups!)

Nur miaj du cendoj!  ($.02)

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