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>Jens S. Larsen wrote:

>> > To quote [Jespersen] further would only strengthen the case.  My
>> > conscience is now clear.  I now feel I can confidently recommend the
>> > immediate conversion to Ido of all remaining Esperantists - you will be
>> > most wlecome in the movement.

>> What about further conversion from Ido to Novial?  Can you recommend that
>> too?  Or do you recommend that everybody design their own new language?

>No.  Novial is not a significant and decisive improvement on Ido in the
>way that Ido is over Esp.  The language produced by the Delegation (which
>included Jespersen) is pretty much optimal, and the Committee would not have
>recommended it to the world unless they were happy that it was.
>Novial achieves the same goals from a slightly different viewpoint.  I would
>happily recommend to any Idist that he (if he had the time) might try to
>command both idioms, but not that he abandon Ido for Novial - that is
>certainly not justified.

I would like to make some comments here. James is a strong supporter of Ido
who has also seen a place in his eyes for Novial. I am, in a sense, the
reverse, a strong supporter of Novial who still sees in Ido the language
that made Esperanto acceptable, therefore our perspectives differ somewhat.

I think that Jespersen, in 21 years as an Idist, saw some flaws in Ido, and
certainly did not develop Novial without any thought of its being "a
significant and decisive improvement on Ido." However, J certainly took some
ideas from Ido, as he did from Occidental. I would not quite say that "Novial
achieves the same goals from a slightly different viewpoint." I think that some
of the goals are the same, but I think that J, on seeing Occ, added a
naturalness goal, which to my knowledge is lacking in Ido.

Ido is Esperanto reformed. Novial is a compromise between the nearly pure
schematism of Esperanto/Ido and the naturalism of Occidental (and now Inter-
lingua) so the goals are not truly identical.

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