Mark Vines wrote:

> My own background:  I know Esperanto, but I'm not
> satisfied with it.  I want to learn a better auxlang,
> so that I can teach it to my daughter Erin (who'll be
> five months old tomorrow) & any future offspring.
> I haven't yet chosen my "Erinlang"; I intend to make
> that choice before 16 November '98.
> In case you're wondering, I hope that knowing an
> auxlang will help Erin to acquire other languages
> more easily when she's older.  I'm biased in favor of
> broad-based global auxlangs like Bahasan or Dunia,
> but my wife is biased in favor of Euroclones; she
> thinks one of them would be easier for her to learn.
> Novial is definitely a contender.  I'm not part of
> the Novial group, but I like what I've seen of their
> work.  As for Ido, I don't know much about it.  Should
> I consider Ido as well?

I admire your intention to teach your child an IAL.  I recently read an
obituary for the late president of the Uniono por la Linguo Internaciona
(Ido), which said that he was brought up from birth as an Idist, as his
father was also one.  I can't tell you how jealous I was, having waited 23+
years to even discover my first IAL (Esp).
I can't find a link for Bahasan, but Dunia looks interesting.  I would
hesitate to teach such a language to a young child though - apart from
anything else it is doubtful she will gain anything when in future she tries
to learn French, Spanish or German.
The systems I would consider are: Esperanto, Ido, Novial, Interlingua and
Glosa.  In fact, watch the web for a very relevant site, coming soon!
I would hesitate to recommend any one of these on this list though, although
as you've probably guessed I support Ido, with leaning towards Novial).
Happily, there is LOADS of info on the web now on all of these languages.
The best place to start surfing is probably Don Harlow's page:

> I wonder if you would be willing to compare & contrast
> the affixes of Ido with the affixes of Novial '97/'98,
> & then to post that comparison here on AUXLANG.

The affixes of N97 have not been finalised yet.  But I can contrast the
Ido affixes with the N28/30/34/37 ones if you like.  All the affixes for
these languages can be found on the web.

> I'd also like to know the Ido word(s) for "mother".

The Esp word for mother is PATRINO.  Ido retains this but has the
alternative form MATRO - I have never seen PATRINO used in an Ido text.
Novial has MATRA beside PATRA - so if you teach Erin MATRO/A for mother
it would be a good first step.
(-in is the feminine ending in Esp/Ido, and -a is the feminine end in

James Chandler